Range Advisor
Product, Visual, Inteaction Design Portfolio of Bruce Atchley,
Product Designer, UX. Designer, UX Mentor, Interaction Design, User Research
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Range Advisor

Helping consumers differentiate and rank vehicle pricing with the help of modern price range tags and content

My Role:

UX Design Lead • UX Research cross collaboration • Modern Product Team Lead


Discovery, User Research, Product Design, Interaction and Visual Design,


The overall product goal was two-fold. First, to identify messaging content & visual elements that most effectively communicate how a classified listing sits within an automotive market’s price range. Secondarily, we needed to provide info about how “good or bad” a vehicle price is to help consumers identify vehicles that best match their price range, potential deals, and shopping style.


In the first round of discovery,  the initial product strategy was defined after understanding the user problem. Next, we began a deep dive into research and competitive analysis. With these findings in hand, we quickly turned to brainstorming sessions, concept testing, and iteration. After several rounds of testing various language/copy, color, creative elements, and placement, through user feedback and analysis we knew we had a product that would perform above our initial expectations. Better yet, Consumers felt that we were on their side, helping them make the best purchasing decision.


Axure, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, UserTesting.com, Adobe XD

Interaction Design, Problem Discovery, Product Design, Product Discovery, Solution Discovery, UX Architecture, UX Research, Visual Design