Alexa Skill
Product, Visual, Inteaction Design Portfolio of Bruce Atchley,
Product Designer, UX. Designer, UX Mentor, Interaction Design, User Research
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Alexa Skills

A total of three separate Skills created for Amazon’s Alexa platform.


My Role:

Lead UX Designer – Discovery, User Research, Cross Collaboration Product Team


Interaction Design, Prototypes, Video/Media Production, User Research


As intelligent voice-based systems like Alexa, Google Home, and Siri gain popularity and become an essential part of each household, there wasn’t a quick and intuitive way for our customers to access trustworthy automotive information on these platforms. Our goal was to provide this ability and much more.


Through the process of testing multiple product possibilities, we focused on three Skills for our users. These Skills gave the ability to get a price range on a new or used vehicle, the ability to get new car information on a vehicle of their choice and a third skill that reads the latest automotive news.


SaySpring, Priemere Pro, Alexa, Photoshop, Adobe XD, Canon 80D

Concept, Interaction Design, Product Design, Product Discovery, UX Research
Premiere Pro, Prototype, Research, SaySpring, Video